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Round Plastic Handguard

  • 3999

These basic hand guards are strong, comfortable-to-hold replacement for the older, triangular handguards. That or use them on a down and dirty basic build. Raised ribs improve grasp for easier carry and firing. Includes aluminum heat shield. Fits standard/delta slip ring.

  • Black mil-spec, thermoset resin for strength and durability
  • Metal internal heat shield
  • Brands are a mix of DPMS, CMMG, Anderson, and Bushmaster, likely all come from the same factory anyways

You get:

  1. (1) Handguard complete pair 

Compatible with:

  • Any AR upper with a delta ring and handguard cap set to need the specified length hand guard

Installation Difficulty: 

Notes: No tools required but a delta ring tool would reduce swearing

The handguard length 'name' matches up with your gas system length. For reference, these are the approximate lengths of the handguard:

Carbine-length = 6.75 inches
Mid-length = 8.5 inches
Rifle-length = 12 inches

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