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Ejection Port Dust Cover Kit

  • 1527

Like the forward assist, our customers seem to prefer ejector port covers as completed assemblies. So here you are! 

  • Mil-spec
  • Blackened steel with a smooth finish
  • Complete assembly ready to drop in
  • Perfect for laser etching at your local engraving shop
  • Weight: 22g

You get (pre-assembled):

  • (1) Cover door
  • (1) Shaft
  • (1) Torsion spring
  • (1) Low-profile 'C'-style retaining clip

    Compatible with:

    • All mil-spec AR-15 uppers

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required: A C-clip tool would be nice. Otherwise a couple of mini flathead screwdrivers or needlenose pliers will do the trick

    Installation notes: The C-clip will be frustrating without the correct tool. Use paper or gaffer tape to prevent marring the upper while fighting with the clip

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