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Enhanced Pistol Grip Screw Set (Stainless Steel)

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These screws have three improvements over the standard Pistol Grip Screw:
  1. The threads have been painted with a thread-locking goo that resists loosening.  (The compound is not permanent and the screw is reusable.)
  2. Instead of the usual slot-head where your screwdriver likes to skate off, this screw accepts a 3/16" hex driver (not included) for easier installation.
  3. Standard Pistol Grip Screws are 1" long, but we feel that is unnecessarily long. Only the first few threads into the Lower carry the forces from  your grip, the rest just make more work for you because you have to screw em in. So we shortened it to 3/4".
  • Super tight Class 3A thread tolerance
  • Thread-locking compound rated for temperatures from –70° to 250° F
  • Strong enough lengthwise to carry the weight of a small car
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel (also known as 304)
  • Comes with matching Stainless Steel plain washer (spare washers available here)
  • Washer outer diameter 13mm
  • Weight: 8g

Also available in Black Oxide Steel.

You get:

  • Enhanced Pistol Grip Screw
  • Matching washer
Compatible with:
  • Mil-spec Pistol Grips
  • Most aftermarket Pistol Grips

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: 3/16" hex driver (not included)

Installation notes: These are about 1.82344 million times better than the OEM slotted screw when it comes to getting them started in the hole. The screw will stick on the business end of a hex driver and will easily line right up into the installation hole.

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