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Firing Pin, Titanium

Firing Pin, Titanium

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These bad boys are 40% lighter than your standard firing pin so they are thought to speed up the lock time and enhance accuracy. This is the perfect upgrade for those of you that need the lightest AR out there.

They have been coloured by the heat-treating process which results in a random colour ranging from yellow to lime green to royal blue.

Design notes:

This is the original M16 version of the firing pin which means the retaining disc is 0.370" wide. So it may not fit in AR-15 unshrouded Bolt Carriers. You can read more about this distinction here.

You might notice de-coloured areas, that is because after the heat-treatment, which can affect dimensions, the pins are thrown back in the lathe to finish the mil-spec length from the stop-face to the tip.

  • Ready to drop in and go
  • Mil-spec
  • Optimized for .223 and or 5.56 parent cases
  • Heat-coloured titanium
  • Designed for .223, 5.56mm and soft-primed other calibers 
  • Weight: 4.5g

You get:

  • (1) titanium firing pin, random colour

    Compatible with:

    • All mil-spec bolts
    • All .223 parent cases 
    • Soft-primed 7.62x39 (not milsurp)

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required: None

    Installation notes: I replace my firing pin retainer every 10 times that it's inserted/removed or if there is any issue

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