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Forster Gold Inlay Kit

Forster Gold Inlay Kit

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This handy kit fills engraving and lettering. In addition to highlighting custom engraving jobs, it gives production guns a personalized appearance. It’s a great way to enhance the value of either new or used guns. Easy to use – just follow the simple instructions. Although the kit is designed for gun work, it’s also ideal for other hobby areas including model railroad engines.

Kit includes enough material for five to ten guns. Gold color is actually a fine bronze powder.   Not intended for use on parkerized or ferritic carbonitrided surfaces.

  • Everything you need to literally be golden
  • No real scrap weight value here, you're not getting rich on selling this dust

You get:

  • (1) Cleaner #1, ½ oz. bottle, solvent
  • (1) “Gold” Powder, 0.048 oz. vial
  • (1) “Gold” Liquid Base, ½ oz. bottle, sealer
  • (1) Cloth application patches
  • (1) Instruction guide

    Compatible with:

    • All gats and metal stuff that need pimpin'

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Just some cleaners 

    Installation notes: Simple just read the instructions 

    Manufacturer's model number: 001001 

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