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Free-Float Picatinny Quad-Rail Handguard w/Slots

Free-Float Picatinny Quad-Rail Handguard w/Slots

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This is identical to our other Picatinny quad-rails except the weight-saving cutouts (sometimes called Speed Holes) are slots-shaped for a different look.

This is a standard free-floated quad-rail for the AR-15/M-16 platform. It is a free-float design, but a cap (sold separately) may be installed to close the front if your mission requires this.

  • Laser-etched location numbers such as 'T16,' 'B6' etc
  • Monolithic (1-piece) style
  • Includes a barrel nut - this replaces your current barrel nut, if you have one.
  • Has an overhang to line up with the rail on a flat top upper if you have a bit of patience.
  • A standard AR armourer's tool/wrench is required to install the new barrel nut. Tighten to military specification of ~35 foot-pounds.
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • 4" version – 225g
  • 7" version – 339g
  • 10" version – 450g
  • 12" version – 537g
  • 15" version 645g


  • 4" version – 112 x 62 x 62mm
  • 7" version – 182 x 62 x 62mm
  • 10" version – 256 x 62 x 62mm
  • 12" version – 306 x 62 x 62mm
  • 15" version 382 x 62 x 62mm

    You get:

    1. Quad rail 
    2. Barrel nut
    3. Stub screw for locking the barrel nut
    4. Hex key (not shown)

    Compatible with:

    • All AR-15/M16 upper variants that use a standard barrel nut 
    • All weaver and picatinny accessories 
    • End caps for 0.750" and 0.936" diameter barrels 

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: armourer's wrench, barrel nut greaseupper vice block, and torque wrench strongly recommended

    Installation Notes: Some fitting might be required due to variance between uppers. Also, it is recommended to tighten the barrel nut between 30-80 foot-pounds of torque.

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