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Front Sight Taper Pin For AR-15

Front Sight Taper Pin For AR-15

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These pins are what you need if you are working with a front sight/gas block combo build. Uncoated, steel, 2/0 taper pin with a 3/4 inch overall length, replacement part.  These are the pins that are used to pin the front sight/gas block combo to the barrel.

  • Raw steel (may have some marks )
  • 0.75" long

You get:

  1. (1) taper pin 

Compatible with:

  • Any gun that uses the M16/AR-15 front sight block

Installation Difficulty: 

Tools required: Tiny hammer, gaffer tape to prevent marking

Installation notes: Installation is easy if someone has pre-drilled the taper pin hole into your barrel. If your new barrel does not have this hole it might be tough to get everything lined up.  Removing them can be a real b**tch too but can be made easier by Dremeling the thin end flat first and apply heat to the sight block before wailing on it with a pin punch.

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