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Gas Block, Skeletonized for 0.75" Barrel

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This is a kinda cool twist on the standard gas block. This one is skeletonized shape to give an interesting look when the gas block is exposed. Besides that, shes just a gas block

  • Steel construction
  • For use with a 0.750" barrel and standard gas tube of any length
  • Securely fastens to the barrel with set screws
  • Intended for normal use and environments
  • Weight: 53 g
  • Dimensions: 28mm x 23mm x 38mm (L x W x H)

You get:

  • (1) skeletonized gas block
  • (1) 3mm Hex key
  • (1) gas tube roll pin

Compatible with:

  • All AR-15/M16 barrels with a 0.750" gas tube section of the barrel
  • Black steel and stainless barrels 

Installation Difficulty: 

Tools required: Included hex key and punch (not included) to get the gas tube roll pin installed

You need to watch that you don't cover the gas port and thus have the block rotated correctly. Just take your time.


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