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Gas Tubes

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Gas tubes, precision ground and manufactured to military specs. Made from stainless SS 304.

What length of gas tube do you need?

Measure the distance from the breech to the gas port. Let's use inches (or Freedom Units). If you have a barrel for an AR-15 receiver (not AR-10), add 1.5" to your measurement and that's your gas tube length (within ¼"). If you have a barrel for an AR-10 receiver, add 2".

The 'Pigtail' version is for folks with an AR pistol who want more length in their gas system. The tube is the same overall length of 6.7" but it winds around the barrel a couple of times to slightly soften the air pressure that gets sent to your BCG compared to an ordinary straight gas tube.  May reduce recoil and wear, and improve feeding reliability.

  • Weight: Varies from 10g to 28g depending on length

You get:

  1. One gas tube of the chosen length

Compatible with:

  • Standard AR-15/M16 gas blocks (regardless of barrel diameter)
  • AR-15/M16 Barrels regardless of caliber
  • Standard upper receivers
  • Mil spec gas keys on BCG 
  • Mill spec and free float barrel nuts
  • Mill spec gas tube roll pins 

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: It may help to have some needle-nose pliers and a pin punch to drive in the Gas Tube Roll Pin.

Installation notes: If you are replacing a Gas Tube, we recommend installing a new Roll Pin for factory-fresh retention strength.

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