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Gas Tube Roll Pin (Long) For The Chunky Ones

Gas Tube Roll Pin (Long) For The Chunky Ones

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A longer version of the standard gas tube roll pin, for chunkier gas blocks. But remember,  they're not fat they're simply big-boned.

  • Mil-spec
  • Blackened spring steel
  • will work in a normal gas block, it'll just hang over the sides a bit (can be cut down)
  • Weight: 1 pixie fart

You get:

  1. One gas tube roll pin

Compatible with:

  • Mil-spec gas tubes
  • Mil-spec gas blocks

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: pin punches and or roll pin punches and something to tap with 

Installation notes: She's small, tweezers might be of great assistance just don't crush it.

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