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Geissele 2-Stage (GA-SSA) Trigger Group

Geissele 2-Stage (GA-SSA) Trigger Group

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Geissele triggers have a reputation for reliability and great performance out of the box. If you've always felt your AR was capable of better precision this might be the ticket.

The SSA (super semi automatic) is a 4.5lb. fixed-weight combat trigger that allows precise and accurate trigger control. 

The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) trigger is a semi-automatic-only version of Geissele Automatics’s Super Select-Fire trigger. The SSA is a non-adjustable combat trigger that performs like a match-grade two-stage trigger and allows precise and accurate trigger control. It is recommended for demanding applications such as Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) rifles, Law Enforcement use, and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and mid-range carbine work.

The SSA is certified by Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center.

It's got a crisp pull with a clean reset. Compared to the standard AR trigger it's like switching from a Pinto to a Porsche.

  • Easy to install, 15 minutes or less
  • 1st Stage Weight: 2.5lbs.
  • 2nd Stage Weight: 2.0lbs.
  • Total Pull Weight: 4.5lbs.
  • Made from tool steel
  • Weight: 70g

You get:

  • (1) Trigger group
  • (1) Set of hammer/trigger pins for mil-spec receivers

    Compatible with:

    • Mil-spec AR-15/M4pattern rifles/carbines/pistols

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Pin punch and mini-hammer will help

    Installation tips: Youtube demonstrations will help greatly but fear not, it's straight forward

    Manufacturers Part Number: GA-SSA

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