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GPS Firearms Trigger Scale

GPS Firearms Trigger Scale

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The G.P.S. Aluminum Firearm Trigger Scale is easy to use and it can be set up for right-handed or left-handed users. It features an aluminum anodized body for long-lasting durability and a curved stainless pull. This unit reads in 0.25 lb increments and stops at the peak pull weight. The trigger pull scale also comes with a rubber handle to reduce scratches.


  • Aluminum anodized body
  • Curved stainless trigger pull
  • Rubber-dipped handle to avoid scratches
  • This scale reads in 0.25 lb increments from 0-11 lbs
  • Can be set up for right-handed or left-handed use and is very easy to read
  • There is a rubber band thing that stops on the scale at trigger break for easy reading
  • Prefect to check out the new drop-in trigger that you just bought to see if it really is lighter weight
  • Dimensions:  102 × 25 × 330 mm (L × W × H)

You get:

  • (1) Firearms trigger scale 

    Compatible with:

    • All triggers 

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: None

    Installation notes: Just make sure it's in the same spot on your trigger each time

    Manufacturer's model number: GPS-380GTS

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