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Hammer & Trigger Stoning Fixture (Renting Available)

Hammer & Trigger Stoning Fixture (Renting Available)

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If you want to get a crisp, clean trigger pull without buying a fancy trigger, this jig might be your solution.

From Power Custom in the USA, this jig provides an accurate, repeatable way to grind/polish the Trigger and Hammer faces. If you tried this freehand it would be hard or impossible to maintain a straight edge without doming. This jig holds the part and grinding stone at the exact desired angle.

The jig is easy to use, simply clamp your Hammer or Trigger into the fixture, set the desired angle, and slide the included india stone side to side while touching both the Hammer/Trigger and the Rest.

This photo shows the jig set up for polishing the Trigger:

And here it is set up for polishing the Hammer:

The included instruction manual has some helpful setup diagrams.

  • Comes with everything you need to do a home trigger job for your AR-15 or AR-10
  • Possible to get to a crisp, clean 3lb trigger pull with stock components
  • Lets you change the Hammer angle to meet your precise needs
  • Trigger/Hammer is held in a precision-ground indexing elevator column and clamps the hammer in the right position for correct stoning with the included India Stone.
  • Made from precision ground blued and hardened steel
  • While you have the fixture you can do your own gun(s) and a friends!

If you'd like to rent it, simply buy and return it for a refund less $50 rental fee.

You get:

  • (1) Polishing jig 
  • (1) AR-15 adapter wheel
  • (3) hex keys for setup and adjustment
  • (1) India stone in a plastic protective tube
  • (1) Instruction manual
  • (1) AR-15 supplemental diagram card

    Compatible with:

    • AR-15 and AR-15/M4 Triggers & Hammers

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Pin punches to remove/install the trigger and hammer from your rifle

    Tips: Be patient and take care not to deform your parts when clamping them in the jig. Use the small set screw in the clamping bar to 'balance' things.

    Search the web for guidance on what angles to use - if you want to be safe just maintain the same angle.

    The included AR-15 diagram for the Trigger seems wrong, just experiment till it sets up right, maybe use our photo as a guide.

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