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Handguard Slip Ring/Delta Ring

Handguard Slip Ring/Delta Ring

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Well you've found it; the coolest item on our website. This little devil does exactly what you think it should. It will receive pressure from the weld spring on one side, retain the OEM-style 2-piece handguard on the other side, all while straddling the barrel assembly.

  • Blackened metal construction
  • Specifically designed to be visually pleasing
  • Mil-spec
  • Weight: 22g
  • Dimensions: Ø53 x 15.5mm

You get:

  1. One delta ring

Compatible with:

  • Mil-spec weld springs
  • Mil-pec barrels
  • Mil-spec OEM-style two-piece handguards

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: None

Installation notes: Nothing really jumps to mind, don't scratch this part as it will be visible, that's why the delta ring removal tool is vinyl-coated