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Free-Float Keymod-like Quad-Rail Handguard

Free-Float Keymod-like Quad-Rail Handguard

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This is a standard keymod* rail for the AR-15/M16 platform. It is a free-float design, but a barrel cap may be installed to close the front if your mission profile requires this. The top Picatinny rail features laser-etched labels to give you easily repeatable location numbers such as T16. The sides and bottom have unlabeled keymod* slots.

It is a 1-piece design that requires the removal and change out of the barrel nut.

This is a monolithic design and has an overhang to line up with the rail on a flat-top upper if you have a bit of patience.

The 12" version is pictured.

  • Cross-section is 48mm wide x 56mm tall
  • Black anodized aluminum


  • 7" - 274g
  • 10" - 337g 
  • 12" - 390g
  • 15" - 456g
  • Mini-rails add ~50g per rail

You get the following:

  1. Keymod rail
  2. Barrel nut with locking stud and 4mm hex key
  3. Picatinny mini-rails with mounting hardware

Compatible with:

  • All AR-15/M16 upper variants that use a standard barrel nut 
  • Some keymod accessories (see note below)
  • All weaver and picatinny accessories for the railed portions 
  • End caps for 0.750" and 0.936" diameter barrels 

Installation Difficulty: 

Tools required: armourer's wrench, barrel nut greaseupper vice block, and torque wrench strongly recommended

Installation Notes: Some fitting might be required due to variance between uppers. Also, it is recommended to tighten the barrel nut between 30 and 80 foot-pounds of torque.

*Note that the keymod slots are simplified slightly from the true keymod spec so that we can offer this great price. They are a straight milled keyhole slot, whereas the true keymod spec describes a chamfer (bevel) on the far side of the keyhole. For some keymod accessories this lack of chamfer might mean the accessory cannot be attached. However, for our picatinny rail sections and some accessories they attach just fine, we have received only two complaints out of 50+ rails sold. If for any reason you are not satisfied you may return your rail to us for a full refund.

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