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Kodiak Defence SKS-15 Rifle

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We are ordering these on a weekly basis, fear not and preorder if you need one, we'll get the order fulfilled fast as grandma with a marmot living under the outhouse.

This is the interesting Canadian re re re re remix of the SKS.

Envision an AR-15 as a horse and an SKS as a donkey, this thing is the mule that comes from that night of epic lovemaking. She's an interesting mix with possibly the best of both worlds including AR-15 accessories and upgradeability, SKS reliability and detachable AR magazines as a feedbag. 

If you were considering buying an SKS and throwing on an aftermarket tactical stock, this might be an attractive alternative. When you add up the cost of an SKS, plus a special stock and any required hardware like the pistol grip and buttstock, and the hassle of assembly, you might come out ahead just by buying this baby ready to go out of the box.


  • 7.62x39 chamber
  • The SKS barrel has been cut down from 20" to 18.5" length. The cut is roughly where the bayonet would attach
  • M14x1 LH muzzle threads with A2 flash hider

Upper Receiver

  • Standard SKS receiver (this is a non-restricted firearm)


  • It''s basically an SKS on the inside, black gun on the outside
  • Has an AR-15 buffer tube so any mil-spec AR stock can fit 
  • Has an AR-15 pistol grip so any upgraded grip will work 
  • Keymod-like holes all over the front rail should accept most keymod accessories that mount with screws. Molded snap-in plastic covers may not fit
  • The keymod hole undercuts are straight milled rather than chamfered but that really shouldn't affect anything unless you have a very picky accessory 
  • Ambi magazine release
  • Overall length 34.5"-38" depending how you set the adjustable stock
  • Overall lighter than an SKS with wooden stock
  • Canadian sales only to folks with a valid PAL
  • Re-manufactured in Canada 
  • Weighs 9 pounds 10 oz with an empty mag

You get:

  • (1) Complete firearm (non-restricted)
  • You pick the colour Black or Burnt Bronze
  • (1) 10-round XCR-L pistol magazine

You need to send us some info before we can ship:

  1. Your PAL number
  2. Date of birth  (YYYY/MM/DD)

      Compatible with:

      • Picatinny toys
      • Some keymod accessories 
      • Mil-surp ammo

      Installation Difficulty: 

      Installation notes: This is a complete firearm, grab some mags and go go go

      Manufacturer's part #: SKS15

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