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Lightweight Keymod Handguard

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This is a low profile, lightweight keymod rail for the AR-15/M16 platform. It is a free-float design. You get a Picatinny rail on top and 3 keymod rails on the sides/bottom.

It is a 1-piece design that requires the removal and change out of the barrel nut with the nut that is included. A 1-1/16" wrench or ideally a crow's foot will be required to tighten the new barrel nut to a torque of 30-50 foot pounds.

  • Super lightweight
  • Super low-profile
  • Picatinny on top, Keymod on the sides and bottom
  • Many colour options in anodized aluminum (except Flat Dark Earth, which is painted)
  • Unmarked
  • Rail is approximately 30mm over the barrel center to align with your flat-top Upper Receiver's rail

    Dimensions: 37mm wide × 50mm tall. Length matches the nominal length (10", 12", etc).

    Size Weight
    7" 169g
    9" 195g
    10" 215g
    12" 247g
    13.5" 280g
    15" 305g 

    You get:

    • (1) Rail/handguard of your length and colour choice
    • (1) Aluminum barrel nut
    • (1) Mounting screws
    • (1) 3mm hex key
    • (1) Anti-rotation pin that mates with your Upper Receiver
    • (1) Four shims to help 'time' the barrel nut to the right position
    • (Photos may not show all parts)

      You should also buy separately:

      1. Some keymod rail segments - search our store for options

      Compatible with:

      • All AR-15/M16 upper variants that use a standard barrel nut 
      • Keymod accessories 
      • All weaver and picatinny accessories for the railed portions 
      • Our upgraded steel barrel nut

      Installation Difficulty: 

      Tools required: 1-1/16" crow's foot wrench, barrel nut greaseupper vice block, and torque wrench strongly recommended. Note that the standard AR-15 armourer's wrench will not work with this barrel nut, you need a 1-1/16" wrench that is narrower than 13mm (½") such as our crow's foot wrench. In a pinch, a strap wrench might do the job if you're ok with not measuring the applied torque.

      Installation Notes:Some fitting might be required due to variance between uppers. Also, it is recommended to tighten the barrel nut between 30-50 foot-pounds of torque. These are installed similar to the Noveske NSR rails with a large wrench on the flats in the center of the barrel. In a bind a set of channel locks or large spanner wrench should work or you can use a purpose built crow foot wrench.

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