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Matador Arms Hammerhead Muzzle Brake

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These muzzle brakes are 100% made in Canada by our friends at Matador Arms Corp in Calgary. Three angled slots and three holes on the top will blast the majority of the energy out the sides (left and right) with a little gas sent up for recoil control.

Everyone needs something on the end of their barrel, why not a Canadian brake? [clears throat] ♫ Oh Canada! our home and native (muzzle) brake / True black-gun love / Fire on RO's command. / ♫ With glowing cases we don't see you rise (muzzle) The True North Arms yourbestsourceforAR15parts... Ok I'm done

Seriously though, the Hammerhead has a few advantages over your typical vanilla muzzle brake:

  • It has tighter tolerances on the bore hole, which helps the brake to divert more gas.
  • The side ports are canted rearward, pushing the gas backwards. This counters more recoil than if they were at 90 degree angles.
  • Fit and finish is top-quality.
  • The concave exit face sends gas sideways, rather than downward.
  • The vertical ports are the largest size possible without creating a downward force.


  • Available in .30 cal (5/8" threads) or .22 cal (1/2" threads) or for 9mm
  • 4140 Steel with top quality black nitride finish
  • Flats on the top/bottom fits a 3/4" wrench
  • Weight: 85g (.22 cal/9mm versions) or 69g (.30 cal version)
  • Dimensions: Ø22mm diameter x 56mm long
  • 100% Made in Canada

You get:

  • (1) Muzzle device
  • (1) Crush washer

    Compatible with:

    • Any .30 caliber firearm with 5/8"×24 threads including 7.62, .300 BLK/blackout, .308, etc.
    • Any .22 caliber firearm with 1/228 threads including .223, 5.56, .22LR, etc.
    • 9mm AR-15s with a 1/2-36 thread
    • Stainless and blued steel barrels 

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required: Armorers wrench or 3/4" wrench, crush washer, upper or barrel vice, shims or file/sandpaper

    Installation notes:

    1. You need to "time" this muzzle device by installing one or two crush washers that will deform as you tighten it to the desired orientation.
    2. Remember to orient the crush washer with the tapered side towards the gun, as shown in the diagram below:

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