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Remington Rem Oil Wipes

Remington Rem Oil Wipes

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Use these to wipe down your guns after a good day of shooting or after fondl-- I mean handling them at home. Wipes away fingerprint oils, dirt, residue and leaves a protective film to help prevent rust. The individual wrapped format is very convenient in the field or at the range.

Remington® now offers the most versatile gun oil you can buy in premoistened, disposable wipes.
Rem Oil is safe for use on firearms and most other metal equipment. With its patented formula, Rem Oil cleans dirt and grime from exposed metal surfaces; displaces non-visible moisture from metal pores; protects internal and external metal parts from rust and corrosion; and removes fingerprints. This exclusive Teflon®-enhanced lubricant provides a tough, long-lasting film that keeps actions working smoothly by reducing metal-to-metal wear.

  • One wipe will last for 2-3 guns

You get:

  • (1) Single wipe

    Compatible with:

    • All types of firearms

    Manufacturer's model number: 18473

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