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Standard Notched Hand Guard Cap (multiple sizes)

  • 1397

This is the classic front handguard cap for a basic build. These also work with some aftermarket handguards such as Magpul's. 

  • 6061-T6 construction
  • Black finish
  • fits 0.750 barrel or 0.625" barrel or 0.936" barrel(you choose)
  • Mil-spec

You get:

  • (1) end cap in your size choice 

    Compatible with:

    • Any barrel with a 0.750" gas or 0.625" or 0.936" block landing (you choose)
    • Most basic hand guards that need a delta ring to hold them in place 
    • Stainless and blued steel barrels 

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required:nope

    Installation notes: Just slide it on before the gas block