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Tactical Mug/Beer Stein

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Have you ever been sitting around drinking with the boys thinking that you cup is f^*king lame cause it ain't got any lasers or lights? It's OK... You are not alone... You're in a safe place. TNA is starting a support group. Pre-requisite for joining the group is to have a new cup one that's as tacticool as can be. This beast ain't no cheap plastic, it's hard and heavy aluminium. Covered in rails all over so that you can attach what ever is needed for any specific mission.

Trying to drink in a meeting? no problem, get a laser on there and point while you drink (MULTI TASKING!). This also works great when the wife asks you to play with the cat. 

Need a sip walking the dog a night? Get a flashlight on there. Make sure the light faces away from you or you'll become a spilly dog dodo scooper.

Drinking some abnormally heavy fluid? Get two or three grips on there.

The utility is truly endless! 

  • Removable carry handle
  • Three picatinny rails to mount accessories needed for your drinking mission
  • Crenellated base would leave a nasty mark if you ever had to use it in a self-defense situation
  • 600mL/20oz capacity
  • Weight: 888g
  • Recommended to hand wash, i.e. not dishwasher safe

You get:

  • (1) Tactical mug with removable carry handle

    Compatible with:

    • Grilling burgies
    • A good day at the range
    • Cracking open a cold one with the boys
    • Self-defense against zombies

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