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Vice Block (Lower Receiver)

Vice Block (Lower Receiver)

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This AR-15/ M16 lower vice block tool locks into the lower receiver's magazine well. Can be used with any firearm that uses an AR-15-type magazine with a normal mag catch.

Very handy while building or cleaning your AR-type gun. Clamped in any vice, the block extends below the lower so that the vice never touches your firearm. Greatly reduces the risk of crushing/deforming the lower compared to gripping in a vice without this tool. 

  • Made from a polymer to reduce scratches to your receiver
  • Can be used for storage or display
  • Weight: 140g
  • Dimensions: 60 x 33 x 125mm (L x W x H)

You get:

  1. Vice Block (Lower Receiver)

Compatible with:

  • All AR15 and M16 lowers
  • All firearms that use AR15 magazines

Installation Difficulty: 

No tools needed. Grab this directly with your vise.

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