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YHM Shim Kit for 1/2"-28 or 1/2"-36  (223) Calibre Muzzle Devices

YHM Shim Kit for 1/2"-28 or 1/2"-36 (223) Calibre Muzzle Devices

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Experts in the firearms industry, YHM prides itself on consistently providing the customer with the highest quality products. Their facilities include the most modern equipment and the engineering staff is trained and experienced in the use of computer aided design and manufacturing.

This particular item is a shim set that is designed to be used in conjunction with YHM 5.56mm QD Muzzle Brakes all of which require timing. In order to install this kit properly you want to loosely hand tighten the muzzle device which requires timing and judge the distance that the muzzle device would need to travel after optimum torque has been applied. Use the shims to pre-time the muzzle device in a position where by the final torque applied to the muzzle device ensures that the muzzle device is timed according to the manufacturer specifications.

Features and Specifications:

  • Shim Set
  • 1/2" Inside Diameter
  • Designed for use with 5.56mm YHM QD Muzzle Brake
  • Allows you to time muzzle devices which require timing
  • Various shim sizes included
  • Natural Finish

You Get:

  • 2x 0.002" Shims
  • 3x 0.005" Shims
  • 1x 0.020" Shim


          Compatible with:

          • 223 calibres or 1/2" threads

          Installation Difficulty: 

          Tools required

          Installation notes: You get 8.64° of rotation per thousandth of an inch.

          MFG part number: SHIM-3102-SET

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