Here’s an informative newsletter for you with an in-depth breakdown of the WK180-C & WS-MCR’s Cross-Compatibility.

    There is no doubt, that there is increasing popularity amid modern WK180B versions, and this excitement is brewing conversations about the compatibility options of these mutt designs. Lots of questions circulating around which parts can be switched, swapped, modified, and upgraded between the WK180-C and the WS-MCR rifles.

    We hear you. Your queries have prompted us to do a little tinkering and takedowns of the rifles ourselves.

    We disassembled and reassembled the WK180-C and the WS-MCR and cross-examined the guts of these guns. Now we have a deeper look into the internals of the WK180B hybrids, and we’re sharing our discoveries with you in this breakdown. 

    You’ll be pleasantly surprised that there are many AR-15 compatible parts and interchangeability between both rifle systems.

    WK180-C & WS-MCR | CROSS

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    So you've got a snazzy new Specter lower for your WK180-C or WS-MCR rifle, and you want to get it working. Where do you start? Which parts will you need?

    Lucky you, we’ve put together all the essential parts you will need to complete your upper and lower system, have it safely functioning, and get you enjoying it in no time.

    Here’s the list of parts you’ll need to complete your WK180-C or WS-MCR upper:

    1. Stripped Upper
    2. Bolt Carrier
    3. Cam Pin
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    Download the WK180-C Cheat Sheet to your smartphone or desktop for your personal convenience.

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  4. WK180-C & WS-MCR Q&A

    The WK180-C & WS-MCR platform are exciting new modern sporting rifles that allow many popular upgrades.


    Q. Can I change the handguard on my WK180-C or WS-MCR?

    A. Yes. Many AR-type handguards can be installed into the WK or WS, so long as there is sufficient height inside for the piston gas system. Our easy-install M-LOK handguards are a popular and compatible upgrade.

    Q. Can I change the muzzle brake?

    A. Yes. The 5.56NATO WK180-C and WS-MCR, feature a 1/2"-28 muzzle thread. Any 1/2"-28 threaded muzzle device/fake can will fit on these guns. The 7.62x39 chamberings all use a 5/8"-24 thread measurement, and any 5/8"-24 muzzle device/fake will fit onto the 7.62x39mm chambered rifle. We recommend the use of a barrel clamp or torque tool for the installation. Please note, that some WS-MCR rifles have locktite on the stock flash hiders, to remove the flash hider, applying a bit of heat to it will go a long way. 

    Q. Can I swap the Factory trigger for a TriggerTech trigger kit?

    A. Short answer. Yes, you can install a TriggerTech trigger kit into Your WK180-C or WS-MCR, but to successfully do this, you’ll need to install anti-walk pins and an external bolt catch release upgrade as well. Many aftermarket triggers do not grip the trigger and hammer pins the same as the OEM trigger, thus the need for anti-walk pins. If you choose to leave the factory OEM bolt catch in your system, it may need some minor gunsmithing to have a good fitting of the trigger kit. With our upgraded external bolt catch, you can drop it right in, with no modifications needed. See our TriggerTech installation breakdown for an in-depth look into how to install a TriggerTech trigger kit into your WK.

    Restock of anti-walk pins, expected early July 2021. 

    Q. Can I change the grip on my WK180-C or WS-MCR?

    A. Yes, the WK180-C and WS-MCR design can be fitted with any aftermarket grip that does not have a beavertail. Installing a new grip on your WK or MCR is simple, remove the screw and reinstall with a new grip. We have a variety of pistol grips in Magpul and Fab Defense options in stock.

    Q.  Can I change the buttstock on my WK180-C or WS-MCR?

    A.  Yes, you can absolutely change your stock. Both the WK180-C and WS-MCR platforms come with a mil-spec style tube, this means any aftermarket mil-spec buttstock can fit onto this tube. Magpul and Fab Defense have a variety of buttstock designs and models that are compatible with the WK and MCR, and no tool is needed to install them.

    Q.  Can I change the caliber of my WK180-C or WS-MCR?

    A.   Yes, you can do this, but the gas system needs to be tweaked beforehand. The bolt most likely also needs to be replaced or heavily modified (gunsmith work). There’s good news though, caliber conversion kits will be available soon.

    Q.   Can a dust cover be fitted to the WK180-C or WS-MCR?

    A.   Not really. The WK180-C and WS-MCR systems are not designed to facilitate a dust cover. A replacement upper would be required.

    Q.  Can I use a bi-pod on my WK180-C or WS-MCR?

    A.  Yes, both M-LOK and Picatinny bipod adapters can be installed onto your WK180-C or WS-MCR rifle to accessorize with your favorite bi-pod.

    Q.  How does the WK180-C slot cover work?

    A.  The slot cover is designed to cover the ejection port side of your WK180-C rif

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  5. Upgrade Parts | Installing a TriggerTech Trigger

    Here's a short review on how to install a TriggerTech trigger into your WK180-C

    Those familiar with the WK, know that it has a funky internal bolt catch that prevents the installation of an upgraded, cartridge-style trigger group, such as TriggerTech trigger systems. This is due to the extra material on the bolt catch hitting the trigger cartridge directly below the bolt catch pin on the thick webbing that goes around the pin itself. 

    If you wanted to install a TriggerTech with the OEM plain Jane internal bolt release, you'd have to go through the trouble of filing the webbing area down a bit until it fits above the trigger cartridge and can freely rotate. Furthermore, installing a TriggerTech with the OEM trigger and hammer pins will

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  6. WK180-C Cross-Compatibility with AR-15 Platform

    The WK180-C is gaining more and more popularity among sports shooters in the Canadian firearms market, and with it being non-restricted, we're feeling love for it too. Nowadays, you won't be surprised to see someone target shooting with their WK180-C at the range.

    With this increasing admiration for the WK180-C, we’ve been receiving quite a few inquiries about which AR-15 parts are cross-compatible with the WK180-C platform. So, we put together this visual chart of AR-15 cross-compatible parts for your reference at any time. 


    Download the WK180-C Cheat Sheet to your smartphone or desktop for your personal convenience.

    • For Mobile: Press and hold down t
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  7. AR-15/AR-308 Buffer Length and Weight Reference Table

    When building your own AR-15 or AR-308 it's important to use the correct buffer. Buffers are designed with various lengths and weights.  The correct one to use is determined by the firearm setup (receiver size, buffer tube type, and chambering).

    Buffer Length

    The buffer needs to be the right length so that when the bolt carrier cycles to the rear, it stops at the right position. If the buffer is too short, the gas key can crash into the lower receiver's buffer tube mount; if the buffer is too long, the bolt carrier will short-stroke and fail to pick up the next round.

    There are two factors involved in determining the required length of a buffer -- 1) the type of buffer tube (or "receiver extension") and 2) the receiver size.

    Buffer tubes generally come as either of two types: M4/carbine or A1/A2:

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  8. Sign the E-petition to Stop Gun Bans by Executive Order

    Sign the E-petition to Stop Gun Bans by Executive Order

    Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has stated his intent to ban various firearms including the AR-15 by 'Order-in-Council.' In layman's terms that means taking your guns on the whim of Justin Trudeau's cabinet. A concerned citizen in Medicine Hat, Alberta, with the help of MP Glen Motz, have initiated an online petition calling on the Government of Canada to put any such new firearms rules, bans, or other changes before the House of Commons for public debate, rather than being executed behind closed doors by the unelected executive. Please clear this text and follow the instructions to sign the petition and add your voice to demand that your views be debated in the open by our elected representatives.

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  9. Guide to AR-15 Handguard Lengths, Gas Block Position, and Muzzle Device Position

    Folks often ask us how to select a handguard length for a given gas system, or they ask what barrel length is needed to achieve a desired positioning of the muzzle device relative to the handguard. This post aims to help explain the factors involved and provide an easy guide to designing your dream setup.

    Below you'll see an ordinary AR-15 Upper Receiver with a barrel and low-profile gas block installed:

    The distance 'A' is from the Upper Receiver Front Face to the Gas Block Shoulder, and depends on the barrel's Gas System Length.  

     Gas System Distance 'A' from Receiver to Gas Block Shoulder
    Pistol 4 14"
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  10. F**kin 10.5" Zombie Exterminator

    Customer Greg writes in with his story and photo of a sweet zombie rig.

    This is a 10.5" I just built for the coming zombie hordes - I wanted something 
    short for close-in zombie death! I'm very happy with the quality of your parts 
    and service - keep up the good work!

    TNA parts used:

    • Ambi charging handle
    • Buttstock w/mil-spec buffer tube, H2 buffer
    • Lower Parts Kit (without trigger)

    You will be my first choice for parts on my next build.

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