1. AR-15/AR-308 Buffer Length and Weight Reference Table

    When building your own AR-15 or AR-308 it's important to use the correct buffer. Buffers are designed with various lengths and weights.  The correct one to use is determined by the firearm setup (receiver size, buffer tube type, and chambering).

    Buffer Length

    The buffer needs to be the right length so that when the bolt carrier cycles to the rear, it stops at the right position. If the buffer is too short, the gas key can crash into the lower receiver's buffer tube mount; if the buffer is too long, the bolt carrier will short-stroke and fail to pick up the next round.

    There are two factors involved in determining the required length of a buffer -- 1) the type of buffer tube (or "receiver extension") and 2) the receiver size.

    Buffer tubes generally come as either of two types: M4/carbine or A1/A2:

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  2. Sign the E-petition to Stop Gun Bans by Executive Order

    Sign the E-petition to Stop Gun Bans by Executive Order

    Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has stated his intent to ban various firearms including the AR-15 by 'Order-in-Council.' In layman's terms that means taking your guns on the whim of Justin Trudeau's cabinet. A concerned citizen in Medicine Hat, Alberta, with the help of MP Glen Motz, have initiated an online petition calling on the Government of Canada to put any such new firearms rules, bans, or other changes before the House of Commons for public debate, rather than being executed behind closed doors by the unelected executive. Please clear this text and follow the instructions to sign the petition and add your voice to demand that your views be debated in the open by our elected representatives.

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  3. Guide to AR-15 Handguard Lengths, Gas Block Position, and Muzzle Device Position

    Folks often ask us how to select a handguard length for a given gas system, or they ask what barrel length is needed to achieve a desired positioning of the muzzle device relative to the handguard. This post aims to help explain the factors involved and provide an easy guide to designing your dream setup.

    Below you'll see an ordinary AR-15 Upper Receiver with a barrel and low-profile gas block installed:

    The distance 'A' is from the Upper Receiver Front Face to the Gas Block Shoulder, and depends on the barrel's Gas System Length.  

     Gas System Distance 'A' from Receiver to Gas Block Shoulder
    Pistol 4 14"
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  4. F**kin 10.5" Zombie Exterminator

    Customer Greg writes in with his story and photo of a sweet zombie rig.

    This is a 10.5" I just built for the coming zombie hordes - I wanted something 
    short for close-in zombie death! I'm very happy with the quality of your parts 
    and service - keep up the good work!

    TNA parts used:

    • Ambi charging handle
    • Buttstock w/mil-spec buffer tube, H2 buffer
    • Lower Parts Kit (without trigger)

    You will be my first choice for parts on my next build.

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  5. John's Carbines

    Our customer John made a sweet pair of carbines

    Some of the parts used:

    MLOK Handguard (top rifle)

    Folding Vertical Foregrip

    TNA Buffer Tube Kit

    Titanium Firing Pin

    7075 Charging Handle

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  6. Installing Hammer and Trigger Pins

    Installing Hammer and Trigger Pins

    Have you ever wondered if there is a right or wrong way to install your Hammer and Trigger pins? It turns out there really isn't a wrong way but there is a way that is slightly better and easier for you during building your lower.

    If you look at the pins, you will notice that there is a small notch in the middle of the pin and another one roughly halfway from the middle to the end but only on one side. The hammer pin will utilize the center notch and the trigger pin will utilize the one closer to the end.

    The center notch will engage the tiny spring that you can see when looking through the pinhole on your hammer. The side notch is where the (external) hammer spring locks into the trigger pin to help it stay in position. For this reason it is important that you install your trigger before you install your Hammer when completing your lower. Mind you it would be quite difficult to install the hammer first and then the trigger but we have

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  7. Neoconfection's Fun Gun

    Reddit/CGN user Neoconfection had a busy week and put together this fun gun with the help of TNA parts & tools

    Neo writes:

     have the Keymod handguard, the shooting bag, and the jacket.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with all of it. I recommend those who buy the shooting bag fill it with rice, not sand, because the sand will take moisture and leak through the seams.

    The jacket turned out to be a pretty good buy as well. It seems well-built. Breathes, but keeps the damp out. 

    Like it says on the website, it fits very small, so buy a size or two up. I wear a large most of the time and the 2XL I bought was snug with a light sweater underneath. I wore it to the range today (it was about 6C and sunny with some wind) and was quite comfortable with

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  8. Replacing an OEM handguard with a free-float keymod rail

    Tim writes:

    Hello, I was just checking out your website and shopping for some AR-15 upgrades. I have ordered a S&W M&P15 Sport II and wanted to start upgrading it. This is my first AR and want to make sure I am ordering the right parts and wondered if you could help. I am going to order a charging handle and ambi bolt release lever, which are both self explanatory, but I also wanted a free float rail. I was looking at this one on your website. I assume I need a low profile gas block as well. Are they all the same? Is there anything else I will need to install the rail? Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


    Zach of TNA writes:

    Hi Tim, Congratulations on the gun purchase, great choice!

    As far as compatibility, yes all

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  9. AR-15 spare parts porn

    AR-15 spare parts porn

    Ay caramba! We just loaded up the spare parts rack and I couldn't resist taking a picture. We try to keep all parts in stock so when you need a new extractor or a spring launches itself across the room and disappears, we've got a spare for you!

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  10. Credit card processing enabled again, as of Aug 29 5:30pm

    Because our credit card processor had a policy against "weapons and munitions" we were kindly asked to find another provider. We have been set up a different, more gun-friendly provider and are back in business after a 72-hour hiatus.

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