About the TNA VR-66 Shotgun

Experience flawless performance and zero safety loss with the TNA VR-66 12ga shotgun - a shotgun that delivers more effective shooting results at farther distances than other shotguns. Patterned off an original Benelli M2 (not the tamed Gen2) the TNA VR-66 is fully loaded with added performance upgrades making this shotgun the top-choice for Canadian outdoor shooters.

The TNA VR-66 12ga shotgun operates with the kinetic recoil energy, which completes the cycle of the action. Its operating system will allow you to shoot both 2-3/4" and 3" shotshells, in any type of 12 gauge ammunition.

This design and functionality of the VR-66 are based on the rotary head which is located inside the mechanism. Once the first shell has been fired, the next shell in the magazine will automatically cycle into the chamber, and this cycle will continue (each time the trigger is pulled) until all shells loaded in the magazine have been fired. The bolt will remain locked in the open position after the last shells are fired.

With a lightweight carrier nickel plated for slick, fast operation and modified for ghosting, the VR-66 will give you no issues with loading and engaging targets. A unique 2-piece shell catch also enhances the effortless loading and rapid unloading of the mag, without clambering shell rounds.

The feed port is flared to the max and the mag follower is generously extended to load shells quickly with ease and allows the use of wearing heavy gloves when loading.

The fine details and features of the TNA VR-66 shotgun's design will ensure that your gun will be a source of pride and pleasure for years to come.

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We service everything for the TNA VR-66 Shotgun Models in-house. We're ready to go with any and all spare parts, available right now, in Canada - in our gunsmith shop. That means with our TNA VR-66 in-house warranty, you won't experience ridiculous wait times for replacement parts to arrive.

If you experience any issues or have any questions about your VR-66, whether you need us to guide you through an installation or takedown remotely or you can ship it back to our shop and we'll fix or replace the part - we got you covered.


Have a piece of mind, the TNA VR-66 are your best bet in Canada for semi-auto shotguns.