TNA Hybrid Carrier for WK180-C | Best of Both Worlds

TNA Hybrid Carrier for WK180-C | Best of Both Worlds

26th Apr 2023

What makes TNA's Hybrid Nickel-Plated Carrier the best choice for your WK180-C rifle?

 Because it has best of both worlds. The TNA Hybrid Nickel-Plated Carrier features of both the WK Gen1 and Gen2 into one new, functional design, not to mention the nickel-plating will add years of longevity to your system.

Get to know your carrier.

There are 3 different types of carriers commonly found in the WK180-C.

The Gen 1, Gen 2, and the TNA Hybrid Nickel-Plated Carrier.

  • The Gen 1 has threaded holes on both sides
  • The Gen 2 has no threaded holes, but does have a small rectangular slot milled in the front over the bolt catch notch
  • The TNA Hybrid Carrier has both the Gen1 and Gen2 carrier features in one design configuration. Best of both worlds.

Not only does the TNA Hybrid Nickel-Plated Carrier includes features from both WK generations, the TNA Hybrid Carrier is is built to last and reduce friction, and is much sexier than your average OEM part. Nickel plated finish makes this upgrade easy peasy for cleaning too, making the TNA Hybrid Carrier the ultimate choice when upgrading your WK180-C upper.