11th May 2022


Here’s an informative newsletter for you with an in-depth breakdown of the WK180-C & WS-MCR’s Cross-Compatibility.

There is no doubt, that there is increasing popularity amid modern WK180B versions, and this excitement is brewing conversations about the compatibility options of these mutt designs. Lots of questions circulating around which parts can be switched, swapped, modified, and upgraded between the WK180-C and the WS-MCR rifles.

We hear you. Your queries have prompted us to do a little tinkering and takedowns of the rifles ourselves.

We disassembled and reassembled the WK180-C and the WS-MCR and cross-examined the guts of these guns. Now we have a deeper look into the internals of the WK180B hybrids, and we’re sharing our discoveries with you in this breakdown.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that there are many AR-15 compatible parts and interchangeability between both rifle systems.


AR-15 Compatibility between the WK180-C & WS-MCR Rifles
The cross-compatibility between these rifles and various parts in the AR-15 platform will give you the capability to personalize your gun to fit your shooting style.

  • These parts are the same between both rifles and are also cross-compatible with the AR-15 platform: Trigger, Trigger Spring, Hammer, Hammer Spring, Disconnector, Disconnector Spring, Pistol Grip Screw, Pistol Grip Screw Washer, Mag Catch, Mag Catch Spring, Mag Catch Button, Castle Nut, Buffer Tube, Stock, Ejector, Ejector Spring, Ejector Pin, Extractor, Extractor Spring Insert, Extractor Spring, Extractor Pin, Firing Pin Retainer, Crush Washer, Muzzle Brake
  • Handguard* (AR-15 must be large clearance)
  • Barrel* (AR-15 Carbine Length Gas System)
  • Pistol Grip* (No Beaver Tails)

WK180-C & WS-MCR Cross-Compatibility
This group of parts are proprietary to both the WK180-C & WS-MCR platforms but can be interchanged between each other.

  • Trigger Pin, Hammer Pin, Safety, Bolt, Bolt Catch, Bolt Catch Spring, External Bolt Catch Option, Bolt Catch “E” Clip, Buffer Tube Adapter Screw, Firing Pin, Firing Spring Pin, Return Spring, Guide Rod, Gas Piston, Gas Piston Spring

Note that there are a series of MCR parts that are not fully interchangeable with the WK180-C rifle. These parts may require modifications or other AR-15 parts for replacements and upgrades. Some of these parts are exclusive to the MCR system, and others can still be swapped into the MCR using complete WK180-C systems or kits.

  • The WK180-C Bolt Carrier, Cam Pin, and Return Spring Plate can be fitted to the MCR rifle with minor modifications.
  • The MCR Pivot Pin Detent and Pivot Pin Detent Spring are compatible with the AR-15 platform. (The WK180-C uses a different system)
  • This group of parts are proprietary to the MCR platform and are not interchangeable with the WK180-C rifle: Buffer Tube Adapter, Stripped Lower, Stripped Upper, Charging Handle, Gas Block Gas Screw, Gas Block Set Screw

This set of specific parts are proprietary to the MCR rifle when swapped out individually. However, if an entire system or kit from the WK180-C is swapped into the MCR, it will fit.

  • Gas Block: The Gas Block in the WS-MCR is unique to its platform, but if you switch a complete WK180-C Gas Block system into the MCR, it will fit.
  • Bolt Catch Pin & Pivot Pin: The Bolt Catch Pin and the Pivot Pin is also proprietary part of the MCR. That said, you can still interchange a complete WK180-C Receiver Kit into the MCR platform and it will fit. (The MCR has a slight difference in its design)

That wraps up our breakdown of the compatibility options for the WK180-C & WS-MCR rifles.

Now that you’re familiar with the parts you’ll need to upgrade and replace in your WK180-C, have a look at our easy-to-install handguards and if you’ve given your gun good use at the range, we’ve got replacement WK180-C parts to help you out too.

Have a great week.

Stanley and the gang