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  • Front Sling Swivel Rivet Front Sling Swivel Rivet

    Front Sling Swivel Rivet

    OEM replacement rivet for your sling swivel hanging below the front sight/ gas block combo. I don't know how this can really be damaged, but if you pull it off we've got you covered. stainless steel  Calibrated head geometries Easy to flare...

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  • Front Sight Taper Pin (Long)

    Front Sight Taper Pin (Long)

    These pins are what you need if you are working with a front sight/gas block combo build. Uncoated steel, 2/0 taper pin with a 1 inch overall length. These are the pins that are used to pin the front sight/gas block combo to the barrel. Note these are 1"...

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  • Front Sling Swivel

    Front Sling Swivel

    Standard AR-15/M16 front sling swivel that mounts to a traditional front sight. Blackened metal construction Mil-spec Weight: 11g Loop inside dimensions: 33 x 9mm (1.25 x 0.25") will fit a 1.5" sling with the edges rolled up slightly You...