TNA Buttstock Kit (Standard Mil-Spec)

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Customize TNA Buttstock Kit (Standard Mil-Spec)

This is a complete buttstock kit including the Buffer Tube, Buffer, standard Buffer Spring, Castle Nut, Recevier End Plate, and Tapco-like stock. Convert a fixed-stock AR-15 to an M4 configuration or complete your stripped lower on the cheap. Also useful for completing a Matador Sabertooth or other firearm chassis that uses AR stocks.

The stock is collapsible and 6-position to meet the needs of different-sized shooters in a variety of shooting positions. This is ready to install on any AR-15 lower so long as the Upper Receiver's buffer tube threads are in spec.

Stock is made from a tough injection-molded plastic. The stock interior diameter closely matches the buffer tube for a tight fit. The stock adjustment lever/button has lots of stroke to fit other applications if needed. The buffer tube is anodized aluminum for a long service life. 

  • 6-position stock
  • Mil-spec buffter tube and buttstock, this is what you want if you think you might upgrade your buttstock later as mil-spec stocks are far more common than Commerical-spec.
  • Buttstock has a bonus sling loop
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum tube
  • Weight : 469g

You get:

  • Mil-spec buttstock
  • Six-position mil-spec buffer tube
  • Basic end plate
  • Standard buffer spring
  • Standard 3oz. buffer
  • Castle nut

    Compatible with:

    • Standard-spec AR-15/M16 lower receivers
    • Works with plastic, aluminum and other metal lowers

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required: Armourer's Wrench required for tightening the castle nut. We also recommend applying Aeroshell 33MS assembly grease to the Buffer Tube threads.

    Note: sometimes the castle nuts come from our supplier with rough threads, in which case we chase the threads with a bolt to smooth them out for you. It might look like the nut has been used but it's just our love marks.

    BrandTrue North Arms (TNA)
    Buffer Tube ProfileMil-spec
    Buffer Tube # of Positions6
    Buffer Tube LengthStandard AR-15 carbine
    Buffer WeightStandard (3oz)
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