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Jam Nut for Muzzle Devices, Round (DRP)

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These are useful for timing (positioning) muzzle devices if you want to be able to adjust the position without using crush washers. With a wrench or two you can adjust your muzzle device multiple times back and forth until you find the right position. So it's like having a reusable crush washer.

  • Black oxide steel
  • Use it to position a muzzle device exactly where you want it
  • You don't need the crush washer too unless you're a belt-and-suspenders kinda guy


    • 0.875" outer diameter on the round area
    • 0.75" wrench flats
    • 55mm (0.2") thick
    • Weight: 9.5g

    You get:

    • (1) Jam nut of the specified size

    Compatible with:

    • All barrels with the chosen threads

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required: 3/4" wrench 

    Installation notes: Gett'er done, tighten it against the muzzle device to effectively lock the device in place