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TNA Mini Flash Can

In stock
From CA$32.11 Regular Price CA$41.71
  • Inside the can the diameter starts at around 16mm and flares out to 23mm at the opening
  • Reduces flash
  • One-piece design (so the notches and grooves are just for show)
  • Makes a lousy trumpet mouthpiece
  • Anodized aluminum
You get:
  • (1) Muzzle device
You need to get separately:
  • Crush washer
Installation difficulty:
Tools required:
  • Armourer's wrench or 3/4" wrench or strong fingers; crush washer, upper vice block or reaction rod
Installation Tips:
  • Remember to orient the crush washer with the tapered side towards the gun.

This cute little muzzle device is sort of like a Krinkov without the expansion chamber, it's just an empty can with a slight conical flare inside. Reduces flash and redirects noise/gases away from the shooter, besides looking cool. Perfect for AR pistols and short-barreled rifles.