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Service: Re-Thread Some Items

In stock

A few folks have asked us to change the threads on the aluminum fake cans 

This service will get you the complete package and a muzzle crown possibly superior to the original.

This service is not available for all muzzle devices as some are harder than nails. if they are only as hard as nails we can do it, If they are heat treated then no dice so we reserve the right to reject your request.

  • Adds about 1 week to shipping time for your entire order
  • Yes you can send in some items from other dealers (just ask first) 
  • No, refunds are not going to happen on a service request 

You get:

  • (1) Your soft muzzle device threads up-sized assuming there is sufficient meat available for the machinist 

    Compatible with:

    • Basically any aluminum / non-hardened muzzle device