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  1. Truing your upper is worth it!
    I went thru all the spare uppers I had and found 50% needing truing up. By visual inspection you can't tell if the front is dead square, all it takes is 2 thou (.002") unevenness to effect the outcome. Usually only takes 15 to 30 seconds of lapping to do the job with a slow turning drill. Tip: Lube the body of the tool where it slips into the BCG area before insertion for easier operation. I've been lapping scope rings with the Wheeler Scope Kit for years when mounting a $1K + scope. This is just as important.

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Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Receiver Lapping Tool

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Eliminate a factor of inaccuracy with the Wheeler Rifle Variant Receiver Lapping Tool. A perfect fit of the receiver to the barrel is vital when it comes to accuracy.

Use an electric drill to spin this tool in the upper receiver and the honing face will make the threaded barrel boss flat and perpendicular to the bolt carrier group.

This steel-constructed tool, along with the provided 220 grit lapping compound, will make lapping quick and easy, to ensure a perfectly square and true surface to help you achieve an accurate, high performing firearm.

You get:

  • (1) Lapping bar
  • (1) Flexible driving rod
  • (1) Jar of 220 grit compound
  • (1) Set of instructions

    Compatible with:

    • AR-15, Maccabee SLR, ATRS Modern hunter and similar 5.56 size AR variants

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Drill

    Installation notes: Basically you're just polishing the front of the receiver down a touch. Get'er in the hole, Get some paste on there and spin it up with a drill

    Manufacturer's model #: 156757