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A2 Upper Sight Parts Kit

In stock

All of the parts you need to complete a stripped A2 upper or to rebuild a beater that you found in Canmore. At this time we are only offering these parts in a complete kit as follows:

  • (1) A2 sight base
  • (1) A2 rear sight windage knob spring pin
  • (1) Rear sight windage knob
  • (3) Rear sight springs
  • (3) Rear sight ball bearing
  • (1) Rear sight windage knob screw
  • (1) A2 rear sight aperature
  • (1) A2 rear sight flat spring
  • (1) A2 rear sight elevation knob spring pin
  • (1) Rear sight elevation knob spring
  • (1) A2 rear sight index screw
  • (1) Rear sight index elevation 8/3 elevation adjustment
  • (1) Rear sight elevation knob
  • Weight: 75 g

You get:

  • (1) Complete kit as described above

    Compatible with:

    • A2 uppers

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Slot screw driver, Roll pin punch

    Installation notes: Youtube is your friend here. Lots of little pieces to get lost so be careful!

    Specifications (all models)