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ASC Magazine Rebuild Kit

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From CA$26.92

Not a long story here, you've got some old, tired girl mags...

Maybe it's time to take them out back for one last hunting trip? NO can't do that!

Put them down at the vet? NO can't do that!

Trade them in on a new model? NO we have too much history.

Let's just refurb them! we have the technology.

  • OEM ASC repair components 
  • New followers springs and base plates
  • The followers are different for aluminum vs stainless steel bodies

You get:

  • (3) Followers for your magazine of choice
  • (3) Base plates for your magazine of choice
  • (3) Springs for your magazine of choice

    Compatible with:

    • ASC mags
    • Possibly other metal mags
    • The followers for aluminum mags are ever so slightly smaller than the stainless steel versions 

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: A probe to pry open the bottom 

    Installation notes: Stick the probe into the little hole in the bottom of your magazine. Flex it back so that the base plate can slide over the edge of the magazine 

    Manufacturer's model number: 

    ASC REBUILD KIT .223 aluminum 20 round body  = RKIT-ASC-223AL-20-3-O 

    ASC REBUILD KIT; .223  Stainless 20 round body = RKIT-ASC-223SS-20-3-O 

    ASC REBUILD KIT .223 aluminum 30 round body  = RKIT-ASC-223AL-30-3-O 

    ASC REBUILD KIT; .223  Stainless 30 round body = RKIT-ASC-223SS-30-3-O 

    ASC REBUILD KIT; .223  Stainless 10 round body = RKIT-ASC-223SS-10-3-O 

    ASC REBUILD KIT 9MM 10 round body=  10 RKIT-ASC-9MM-10-3-O