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Magazine Catch Spring

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This spring completes the trifecta of parts responsible for holding your magazine in place. You will likely never need to replace this part unless you lose it somehow.

  • Mil-spec
  • Made in an ISO 9001:2008 factory
  • Spring steel

You get:

  • (1) Magazine Catch Spring 

Compatible with:

  • All Mil-Spec lowers
  • All Mil-Spec Magazine catches
  • Most Ambi mag catches

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: Nope

Installation notes: To install these things properly you need to drop in the spring and then the push the mag release button down on top of it, past the surface of the lower receiver. From the other side insert the Mag Catch and just start the threads, then pull the Catch back out of the receiver to bury the Button during tightening. If the Mag Catch sometimes falls down and jams, the button is NOT threaded on deep enough.The mag button face should be flush with the end of the threaded rod.