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Bipod Adapter for Plastic Drop-In Handguards

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So you've got a more classic looking AR with the plastic handguard. Oh...you want a bipod and/or sling swivel up front too?  Well normally you'd be up shit's creek, you'd need to upgrade to a free float handguard or get a strap-on which is just...unnatural.

Or you could buy this adapter which adds a sling swivel to your plastic handguard.

  • Blackened metal construction
  • Goes through one of the holes in your plastic handguard
  • The bipod tightens the sling swivel in place
  • Probably won't work well with a sling unless you MacGyver a tightening mechanism out of some yams and belly button lint

You get:

  • (1) Bipod adapter

    Compatible with:

    • Standard plastic AR-15 handguards

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: A hand guard removal tool and whatever your bipod needs

    Installation notes: Remove the handguard by retracting the delta ring assembly. Install this toy through a hole in the handguard segment with your bipod. Put the handguard back together. Remember, bipod legs go down not up like some epic "V" reaching for the gods, which would be cool and all but terrible for stability on the ground.