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Bushmaster 25-Metre Sight-In Target (10-Pack)

In stock

Looking for something to shoot at?

Too laze to print something off the internet?

Well you're my kinda guy/gal!

These target 10 packs are idea for those of you who are trying to get the iron sites on your AR zeroed in. Each page has all the guidance and instructions that you'll need printed at the top.

Take these to the range and learn how to use your A1,A2 or flat top AR

  • Solid paper construction
  • Made from the finest trees grown in 'Merica
  • Ink salvaged from the finest calamari
  • Dimensions: 19 × 12.5"

You get:

  • (10) Paper targets (folded twice)

    Compatible with:

    • Most things that move in a ballistic fashion 

    Installation Difficulty: 


    Staple it to the board,

    Take some shots, adjust your sites, Follow the instructions

    truly as easy as 1,2,3