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Fake Can/Suppressor for AR-15 - M4-Style

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Short Description:

Suppressors aren't legal (for now...) but you can still get the look with this fake can. It's a weighty hunk of metal that looks like a silencer, without the silencing effect. The bullet simply travels through a 0.46" diameter bore. This solid one-piece design is also very easy to clean.

Text printed on the side reads:

  • USMC PART No. 11-8680-FSCAR-13
  • [cartridge and thread designation]
  • Serial no. 1326-NSN-FC-US
  • USM4/CAR-15/A2/A3
Billet aluminum construction Modeled after a USMC M4 suppressor Not designed/intended to affect sound or flash Smooth exterior Knurled base Adds about 5" to your gun's overall length
You get:
(1) Fake suppressor
You need to get separately:
(1) Crush washer
Tools required:
Strap wrench or strong hands, crush washer, and upper receiver vice block or barrel vice
Installation Tips:
Remember to orient the crush washer with the tapered side towards the gun

Specifications (all models)

FinishAnodized (Hard)
Overall Diameter (mm)31.5
Overall Length (mm)139
Overall Length (")5.47
Overall Diameter (")1.24
Bored for Projectile.35 / 9mm
Actual bore diameter (inches)0.46