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Magpul MAG514 MS3 Gen 2 Sling

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From CA$85.55
  • Rugged Polymer And Indestructible Hardware
  • Snag-free, High Durability Webbing
  • No tails, loops, or other potential snag hazards
  • Adjusts To Your Needs
  • Anti-chaff material for user comfort
  • Coloured webbing has Near Infrared (NIR) treatment to reduce IR signature
You get:
  • (1) MS3 Sling GEN2
Compatible with:
  • REAR - Works with the Magpul ASAP for optimal shoulder transitioning in one-point mode as well as the SGA Receiver Sling Mount. Also compatible with many snap-hook style sling loops* and standard or QD sling swivels.
  • FRONT - Compatible with the Magpul RSA, MSA, and Forward Sling Mount, as well as many snap-hook style sling loops* and standard or QD sling swivels for use in two-point mode.
  • * Snap-hook style sling loops with an inner diameter of at least 3/8" are required, but 9/16" and larger will provide a full range of motion.
Installation difficulty:

The Magpul MAG514 MS3 Multi-Mission Sling System was designed to give you the solution to conquer any of your tactical missions. The MS3 allows you to convert from a one-pint attachment for quick, direct action or, if you're after more stability, the two-point attachment will work for increased stability as well.

Essentially the MAG514 is a MAG513 with a MAG516 on one end and a para clip on the other. (Mag516 is the para clip with a hoop on the other end.)

Easy to use, needing only one hand to make the adjustments you require, the Magpul MAG514 Multi-Sling System will offer you a flexible and durable sling system, that can adapt to the environment you're in. 

Offering a sling system that is both lightweight and constructed of durable, high-grade hardware of hardened steel and heavy duty-polymer material. You will find a Cross-Bolt Lock Bar in each Paraclip, this will give you the option of locking the lever for added security. The steel para clip levers are case hardened and finished with a ferritic nitrocarburizing process for extreme resistance to wear and corrosion

The Magpul MAG514 MS3 Multi-Mission Sling System can be used in conjunction with the optional Magpul ASAP plate. The MS3 sling enables seamless transitions into an array of shooting positions without getting bound or fouled. This concept will allow you to switch up your sling system at any time while maintaining operator security and reliability.

The MS3 GEN2 incorporates a new low profile quick-adjust slider which minimizes bulk and allows for secure, yet effortless, sling adjustment. Webbing length has also been increased for a comfortable fit with all body types and armor configurations. 

  • A quick-release functionality, with positive-locking hardware.
  • Symmetrical Paraclip shackles allow for easy transition and provide weapon quick-release capabilities in an emergency
  • Low-profile adjustment Slider for adding or removing sling tension in two-point mode with a single-hand