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Extractor Spring Insert

In stock

The Extractor Spring can't do the job alone, it needs some backup. Enter the Extractor Spring Insert. A tiny but essential little soldier for helping the spring not collapse (be more consistent and stable) while also acting as a stop for the Extractor when wide open. It also absorbs energy to act as a mini-damper and prevent the Extractor from 'bouncing'. This should be considered a wear item and be replaced when overhauling a Bolt.

  • Mil-spec
  • Drop-in ready
  • Elastomer construction
  • Made in an ISO 9001:2008 factory
  • Weight: Two pixie farts
  • 4mm long

You get:

  1. One extractor spring insert

Compatible with:

  • All mil-spec bolts
  • All mil-spec extractors
  • All mil-spec extractor springs

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: None

Installation notes: This is so small, it's best to keep it inside the little baggie until you're ready for it. After inserting the Extractor Spring into the Extractor, insert the narrower end of the Insert into the spring, so that the flared end will be touching the Bolt after it's installed.

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