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Offset Buffer Retainer

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The buffer retainer is not needed for an AR to function it is just to stops the buffer from springing out (most of the time) when disassembling the firearm. Usually the Bolt Carrier pushes the buffer slightly rearward while the firearms is closed up, preventing the buffer from touching the buffer retainer during operation, but sometimes if the receivers andor BCG are made slightly out of spec you can have a situation where the buffer slams into the buffer retaining pin on every shot. This can eventually break off the buffer retainer pin, sending it who knows where, maybe into the trigger group. This situation also means the buffer would stop short of forcing the BCG into battery, and the BCG would rely on momentum and may not always get completely into battery.

The solution is this special Buffer Retainer that was designed with the pin slightly forward of centre. Moving the pin forward adds more room for the BCG to bottom out before the buffer contacts the Buffer Retaining pin. When you open the firearm, the buffer will slide forward and rest on the buffer retainer as usual.

It is designed with a small shelf that engages with the buffer tube to keep the pin in the right position.

  • Stainless steel
  • Weight: about as much as the belly button lint you're carrying around RIGHT NOW

You get:

  • (1) Enhanced Buffer Retainer

    Compatible with:

    • All Mil-Spec lowers
    • All Mil-Spec Uppers
    • All Mil-Spec buffer / tube combos
    • All Commercial-Spec buffer / tube combos

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Possibly a castle nut wrench

    Installation notes: Aim away from face when installing because the spring wants to send it flying towards the nearest eyeball or priceless Ming Dynasty vase. Safety glasses would be wise. If no glasses are handy, at least put on your Safety Squint.