Dust Cover Rod Retaining E-clip, Regular Size

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688721 dust-cover-rod-retaining-e-clip-regular-size

This is a replacement "E" clip for the dust cover. We all think that we can mess with these little clips and win but we are always wrong... soo wrong.

For the price and inconvenience of not having one when you need one, I suggest getting a couple extras.

  • Spring steel construction
  • Direct drop-in for ejection port rod
  • Weight: Half a Tinkerbell sneeze

You get:

  • (1) "E" clip

Compatible with:

  • OEM dust cover rods
  • Mil-Spec ejection port cover rods

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: Needlenose pliers or "E"-clip tool

Installation notes: Go slow and hope they don't zoom across the room!

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